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Special Effects Services

Digital technology has made presentation of incredible scenarios possible, and that too with an element of make-believe realism. Wonder-evoking alien characters, horrible monsters, majestic life-size animal characters, cartoon characters assuming realistically impossible postures, heroes dangling mid-air or performing other unbelievable stunts… special effects enable credible presentation of the incredulous.

Ozone Infomedia offers visual, sound, lighting and other special effects for motion pictures, TV series, cartoons, commercials, videos, commercial presentations, and other creative productions.

We offer :

  • Morphing
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Set Designing
  • Digital Imaging / Digital Image Enhancement
  • Superimposition of CGI over Original Video Footages


Sound Editing & Mixing

We have an expert team of audio professionals performing sound recording, editing, and sound mixing/audio mastering for movies, television programs, commercials, video games, and any production that is componential of recorded or synthetic sound tracks. Noise identification and reduction is performed on sound tracks to ensure elimination of incongruent acoustic elements. Sounds delivered through dialogue, audio effects and music, are combined creatively to create realistic sounds that synchronize with scenes onscreen.

Video/ Short Films Production

Ozone Infomedia offers complete video/short films production services. We deliver entire production solutions that translate your concept into an effective onscreen rendering, or support you in realizing your concept through individual services such as set designing, scripting, filming, recording, editing, audio & video special effects, and other creative services that you require.

Color Grading

Color Grading, an essential post-production process in film making or video production, involves digital adjustment and manipulation of the color palette to create specific looks that enhance the movie story and atmosphere.

The role played by Digital Colorists in Color Grading is crucial and demands expertise. We have expert digital colorists at Ozone Infomedia experienced in complex color grading. Our colorists study every single shot of a scene, match different shots, and decide on color corrections/enhancements that impart a sense of continuity among the shots in the scene. The overall color system of the movie is also studied, and color corrections that are congenial to the overall look and enhance visual appeal of the movie are made.

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