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Logo & Corporate Identity Designing Services

A Logo is the identity of a brand. It reflects the brand’s quality, values, commitment, honesty, and is responsible for generating an initial impression of respect and confidence in customers regarding the brand products/services.

At Ozone Infomedia, our creative professionals create graphic designs that are visually appealing, relevant, interesting, innovative, convincing, inspiring, and successful at compelling audience to know more about the brand. We also perform digitization and vectorization of existing logos in various formats for printing and web applications.

We offer different types Logo Design, to include :

  • Text Logo
  • Image Logo
  • Combination of Image and Text
  • Logo with Initials
  • Animated 2D/3D Logos

With our expertise in Logo Designing, we can create :

  • A Design that is simple in concept, elegant in style, understandable, and reaches out to your audience easily
  • A elite logo that elicits interest in the brand

Graphic Design for Corporate Businesses and Print Media

Ozone Infomedia offers graphic design services for a variety of brand promotion media, to include, business cards, company logos, corporate brochures, business stationery, sales presentation folders, catalog sheets, book covers, custom invitations, and more, each designed with to attain the objective of marketing or reinforcing a product/service.

Interface Design/ Front-End Development

Graphic design enables enhanced user interactivity with Web or software interfaces. Our graphic designers work in close association with your software developers and web developers, combining creative skills with technical skills to design graphic interfaces that are easy-to-use and improve user interaction with the website or software application.

Icon Design

Icon design is a significant aspect of interface design that provides a simplified version of a concept to the user. It is the process in which computer programs, functions, or data, are represented in the form of tiny graphics. Icon graphics improve concept understandability through simplification of even complex concepts. We offer custom software and web icons that possess rich image quality, are stylish in design, and accurately convey to the user what they represent.

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